Getting Rid Of The Sting, Itch, and Swell of Mosquito Bites!!!

Feeling the itch, sting and swell of late summer bug bites? You’re not alone. In a great new article from the New York Times, you can learn proven methods to make your time outside a little more bearable. Since Mosquito Wizard of NC can’t always follow you everywhere you go to keep you protected from mosquito bites, carrying a can of bug repellent can certainly make a difference. The best ones contain DEET which masks the odor causing principals that attract mosquitoes. If you do find yourself on the receiving end of one these painful bites, try your best not to scratch but instead opt for ice or a low strength hydrocortizone.

When it comes to bees and wasps, a swift meal for them can take the pain level to whole different threshold.   If you’ve ever been forced to run through a field being chased by a few of these little boogers, you’ll know exactly what I mean. These little guys have a keen sense of vibration, so even things like mowing the lawn or trimming some bushes can disturb them from their nests. Your biggest concern should be removing the stinger as quickly as possible. If you start to see symptoms of an allergic reaction, seek trained medical help as soon as possible.

As much as we wish we bottle up the magical powers of Mosquito Wizard of NC’s barrier spray to follow you around and keep you safe, we do hope we were able to give you a little bit of helpful advice. By following few simple steps and using a little common sense (a wasp is not your friend. Do not try and pet them!!) your final days of summer can be full of enjoyment and excitement as we all look forward to the cool, crisp air of fall!!! And pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!!!

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