Where Do Mosquitoes Go In Winter??

Where Do Mosquitoes Go In Winter??

We have all just finished our annual stuff your face weekend of Thanksgiving and are now looking forward to that jolly old fat man and snow and the Super Bowl to come. However, in the back of our minds, we are always looking ahead to backyard barbecues, swimming pools, and driving around with our tops off. (Please do so only if your car is a convertible!!) The least of our concerns right now is what happens to pesky mosquitoes in the winter, but a little preparation now might save you some headache in those first few weeks of spring. After that period, it will be time to call Mosquito Wizard of NC to bring out the big guns for your full season mosquito control . 

When all the leaves have hit the ground and that final leave blowing is complete, take a few minutes to go around and check all the containers on your property. Right before the first frost, female mosquitoes will lay their final batch of eggs and then perish shortly after. They are looking for any area of water to lay up to 10,000 eggs which will remain dormant until the first few warm days of spring. At that time they will explode to life like well, an egg that’s been laying in cold water all winter long. Also, a good leaf blowing and gutter cleaning of your roof is always a good idea before the first hard freeze.


Throughout the winter, keep good eye on these particular areas and you should be good to go until Mosquito Wizard of NC comes around in April to start your regular mosquito control that so many of you enjoy all summer long. Feel free to call us at 919-825-1209 or visit our website at  http://mosquitowizardnc.com for any questions you may have!

In closing, on behalf of myself, my family, and everyone at Mosquito Wizard of NC, we want to wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons and we look forward to keeping you mosquito free again in 2018!!!

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